The sake brand "Aoi Tenka", which is manufactured and sold by Enshu Yamanaka Sake Brewery Co., Ltd. (located in Kakegawa City, Shizuoka Prefecture, CEO, Hisashi Yamanaka), was screened in London on April 24-27. International Wine Challenge) 2023 "Aoi Tenka Daiginjo Bottle Old Sake" won the silver medal in the SAKE category and old sake section.

▼ "Aoi Tenka Daiginjo Bottle Old Sake 2015" which won the silver medal

▼ Information on the awarded products

The world's largest wine product rating "IWC (International Wine Challenge) 2023" Silver medal in the SAKE category and old liquor section "Aoi Tenka Daiginjo Bottle Old Sake" seems to be old sake. It is a flagship of this brand that achieves a freshness and high -quality taste. This is a raw rice, which is also called the "king of sake rice", and pursues the balance of sweetness, umami, and acidity to the limit.

IWC judges also got a very high reputation.

In addition, this year, we also won the other eight products exhibited by us.

"Aoi Tenka Daiginjo Bottle Old Sake 2015" is a silver medal,
* "Aoi Tenka PREMIUM Totsui surrounding BLACK"
* "Aoi Tenka PREMIUM Totsui WHITE"
* "Aoi Tenka below 55 % Junmai Ginjo Fuji"
Aoi Tenka below 55 % Junmai GinjoOmachi "
Aoi Tenka below 55 % Junmai GinjoAiyama "
Aoi Tenka below 55 % Junmai GinjoYamada Nishiki "
"Aoi Tenka Junmai Sake Fukumaru"
"Aoi Tenka Special Hon Brewery"
We have won the tournament recommended sake (commended).
* The seal is on sale on our EC site.

▼ What is IWC (International Wine Challenge)?

The IWC (International Wine Challenge) was founded in 1984 and is said to be the most prestigious world in the world. Since the "SAKE section" was established in 2007, the award -winning liquor in the SAKE division has attracted attention in Japan and overseas, and IWC has increased its value as an important event for spending sake overseas.

The results of this medal award -winning alcohol were announced on May 18, 2023, and this year, "Normal Sake", "Junmai Sake", "Junmai Ginjo Sake", "Junmai Daiginjo Sake", "Honbi Sake", "Ginjo Sake". "Daiginjo Sake", Sparkling, and Old Sake were nine categories, and each part was conducted by blind tasting. A total of 63 judges from 14 countries around the world participated, and this year's entry was 1,601 sake. "Aoi Tenka Daiginjo Bottle, Old Sake, 2015" was very highly evaluated by world -class tisters, and was able to win silver medals.

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Enshu Yamanaka Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.


61 Yokosuka, Kakegawa City, Shizuoka Prefecture


Representative Director Kunori Yamanaka


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May 19, 2023