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Enshu Yamanaka Sake Brewery Co., Ltd. (Location: Kakegawa City, Shizuoka Prefecture; Representative Director: Hisanori Yamanaka), a consolidated subsidiary of Hamatomo Shoji Co., Ltd., is a new rice of Homare Fuji that is supplied only to sake breweries in Shizuoka Prefecture that has just been harvested in 2022. Junmai Ginjo carefully squeezed in a tank (fune) that uses 100%. Please enjoy sake made by the chief brewer, which can only be tasted in this season, together with seasonal ingredients.

Aoi Tenka Junmai Ginjo Homare Fuji Freshly Squeezed Unfiltered Product Overview
・ Reference retail price: 1,815 yen (tax included)
・Ingredients: Rice (100% Homare Fuji from Shizuoka Prefecture)
・Rice polishing ratio: 55%
・Alcohol content: 18% or more and less than 19% ・Sake content: ±6.0
・Acidity: 2.1
・Preservation method: Refrigeration recommended ・Sales period: December 15, 2022 (Thursday) to the end of February 2023 ・Product features: Rich rice flavor and refreshing aftertaste.
Chill and enjoy the freshly squeezed taste.
・ Contact: https://aoitenka.jp/pages/inqueries
・ Official website: https://aoitenka.jp/
・ Online shop directly from the brewery: https://aoitenka.jp/pages/line-up
・QR code:

December 10, 2022
Tags: 新商品