To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Bando Tamasaburo Yachiyoza performance, the sake "Aoi Tenka Fuji Musume" with a serial number will be sold on a limited basis.

Enshu Yamanaka Sake Brewery Co., Ltd. (located in Kakegawa City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Representative Director: Hisanori Yamanaka), a member of the Hamatomo Group, will be held at Yachiyoza, a nationally designated important cultural property in Yamaga City, Kumamoto Prefecture, from May 13 (Friday). At the "Bando Tamasaburo Special Dance Performance" to be held on the 19th (Thursday), the Japanese sake "Aoi Tenka Fuji Musume" will be sold exclusively.
From May 13th (Friday) to 19th (Thursday), a special commemorative butoh performance of Tamasaburo Bando will be held at Yachiyoza, a nationally designated important cultural property in Yamaga City, Kumamoto Prefecture.
We will sell a limited number of sake bearing the name of one of the performances, “Fuji Musume”.

Junmai Daiginjo "AOI TENKA FUJIMUSUME" uses "Yamada Nishiki" from Hyogo Prefecture, the king of sake rice, and features a gentle scent reminiscent of the famous Shizuoka melon.
Inheriting the brewing technology passed down from the previous generation, long-term low-temperature fermentation brings out the full flavor of the rice. It is a gem that you will want.

In addition, Junmai Ginjo “AOI TENKA FUJIMUSUME” has a scent reminiscent of Japanese pears and white flowers. It is a work of art created by the mystical connection between the climate, rice, water, microorganisms, people and techniques that surrounds the brewery.
Aoi Tenka is characterized by its rich sweetness, fresh acidity, and lingering aftertaste.

Both are special Japanese sake that are carefully brewed. A precious limited sake delivered in the beautiful season of wisteria flowers, its fragrant and mellow taste will add color to this special performance.

Product Details ・Junmai Daiginjo ``AOI TENKA FUJIMUSUME'' 720ml 6,000 yen (tax included) Limited to 1,000 bottles with serial number ・Junmai Ginjo ``AOI TENKA FUJIMUSUME'' 300ml 2,000 yen (tax included) Limited to 1,500 bottles *This limited edition sake , will be sold at the Yachiyoza venue product sales area.

Enshu Yamanaka Sake Brewery Located in the Yokosuka area of ​​Kakegawa City, near Enshunada, the castle town of Yokosuka Castle built by Tokugawa Ieyasu. Brewery”. In this land associated with the Tokugawa, "Aoi Tenka" was named with the thought of world peace. Enshu Yamanaka Sake Brewery's representative sake, "Aoi Tenka", is filled with the joy and longing for such a peaceful world where you can enjoy delicious sake in a calm manner.

[Performance overview]
Performance name: Bando Tamasaburo Yachiyoza Performance 30th Anniversary “Bando Tamasaburo Special Dance Performance”
Date: May 13th (Friday) to 19th (Thursday), 2022 2:00 pm
Place: Yachiyoza (nationally designated important cultural property) 1499 Yamaga, Yamaga City, Kumamoto Prefecture
Performances: "Koutou", "Black Hair", "Fuji Musume"
Contact: 0968-43-2000
Yachiyoza performance information:

[Company information]
Company name: Enshu Yamanaka Sake Brewery Co., Ltd. Location: 61 Yokosuka, Kakegawa City, Shizuoka Prefecture
Representative: Representative Director Hisanori Yamanaka Official website:

May 11, 2022
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