Enshu Yamanaka Sake Brewery Co., Ltd. (located in Kakegawa City, Shizuoka Prefecture; Representative Director: Hisada Yamanaka), a consolidated subsidiary of Hamatomo Corporation, is a high -quality sake "Aoingenhita", which is a high -quality sake that is manufactured and sold by the company. Ginjo "Unfiltered Life Sake" at Kyoto Takashimaya "Japanese Western Sake Section"4Month5Day(water)from11We will sell limited sale on Sunday (Tuesday).

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Last time, a special sales event of "Aoingenashita", which was held at Kyoto Takashimaya and was very popular. This time, we will hold special sales sessions, including four types of "unfiltered raw sake" that can only be tasted at this time.

■ Aoi Tenjin Sales Meeting Overview

・ Date and time: April 5, 2023 (Wednesday) to April 11th (Tuesday)
・ Venue: Kyoto Takashimaya
・ Wooling: Yes* Tasting is limited to those over 20 years old.

April 04, 2023
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