Enshu Yamanaka Sake Brewery Co., Ltd. (Location: Kakegawa City, Shizuoka Prefecture; Representative Director: Hisanori Yamanaka), a consolidated subsidiary of Hamatomo Shoji Co., Ltd., is a limited sales event for 6 types of high-quality sake produced and sold in-house. will be held at Matsuzakaya Shizuoka from February 22nd (Wednesday).

▼ Aoi Tenka special sales event image

▼ Aoi Tenka Special Sales Venue

■ Aoi Tenka limited sales event will be held at "Matsuzakaya Jizake Club"

A special sales event for “Aoi Tenka” was held at the same store in August 2022 and was very well received by visitors. It will be held again this year. This special sales event, where you can enjoy the taste and aroma of Aoi Tenka while receiving advice from a professional (our brewer), is a great chance to find your favorite.
This time, we have prepared 6 kinds of carefully selected sake that are suitable for everyday meals and special occasions. In addition, "[New Sake] Junmai Ginjo 'Homare Fuji' Freshly Squeezed Raw Unfiltered" that can only be tasted in this season, New Year's Freshly Squeezed "Junmai Ginjo 'Omachi' Raw Unfiltered" released on February 22 (Wednesday) We sell "Junmai Ginjo 'Aisan' Raw Genshu Unfiltered" and 3 types of "Nama Genshu Unfiltered". We will bring you products that can only be tasted at this time of year. We are looking forward to your visit! !

■ Sales product menu

(From the left of the image)
① BLUE LABEL Junmai Daiginjo (50%) BLACK Yamada Nishiki ② BLUE LABEL Junmai Daiginjo (50%) AOI Omachi ③ BLUE LABEL Daiginjo (50%) WHITE Aizan ④ [New Sake] Junmai Ginjo “Homare Fuji” Freshly squeezed raw unfiltered ⑤ [New Year] Junmai Ginjo “Omachi” Unfiltered raw unfiltered ← Released from February 22nd ⑥ [New Year’s freshly squeezed] Junmai Ginjo “Aizan” Raw unfiltered ← From February 22nd Released

■Overview of special sales event for “Matsuzakaya Local Sake Club”

・ Date: February 22nd (Wednesday) to February 28th (Tuesday), 2023
・Time: 10:00-20:00
・Venue: Matsuzakaya Shizuoka Store North Building B1F D&M CAVE MATSUZAKAYA
・Tasting: Available *Tasting is limited to those over 20 years old.
・ Inquiries about Aoi Tenka: https://aoitenka.jp/pages/inqueries
・ Official website: https://aoitenka.jp/
・ Online shop directly from the brewery: https://aoitenka.jp/pages/line-up
・QR code:

February 21, 2023
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